“What do you enjoy doing so much… you would pay to do it?”

If you’re like me and “writing code” is on your list, you’re in luck.

It costs over $20,000 (with financing) to join the Bloc’s Software Developer Track. I’ve just completed my first month. So far it’s been smooth sailing. This week, I plan to complete Frontend training and move into Backend Development.

I did my research before jumping in so I knew what to expect. You can find over 95% positive reviews from students online. The minority of negative reviews dealt with unmanaged expectations. As with my Amazon purchases, I dove into Bloc’s negative reviews so I could manage my own expectations. Here’s what I kept in mind:

1. Mastery

I didn’t expect Bloc to make me a master at Full Stack Development in ONE year. Just like becoming a doctor or lawyer, becoming a software engineer requires a broad understanding. This understanding can then be applied, honed, and sharpened when shipping live code. Part of me would like to dig deeper into what I’m learning though I know mastery is developed through layers of experience over time. Plus, whatever I dig into now may not even be needed in the specific career I plan to pursue.

2. Research

I didn’t expect Bloc to provide all the resources to learn everything I needed to know. I knew I’d be doing a lot of research outside of Bloc. Those who got the most from Bloc soaked up knowledge from every resource available. I find myself watching multiple YouTube videos from different developers to get my head around new concepts. This along with one-on-one mentorship from Bloc has been invaluable in my growth and development in this field.

3. Love

I didn’t expect Bloc to make me love programming. I loved it coming in. I love solving problems. I love researching how to solve problems. I love the hours hacking away at a program. I love eating away at a program bit by bit. Sometimes the program eats away at me and that’s part of the challenge. Just like climbing a mountain or finishing a marathon, programming gives me a high. A sense of accomplishment. Time no longer exists. Other than the monetary cost, there was no way I could lose joining Bloc.

In summary, if you understand what it takes to reach mastery, if you enjoy researching every available resource, and if you have a passion for programming, you too may find smooth sailing a month into Bloc.