Using AngularJS and Firebase, I created a SPA that allows users to create realtime chat rooms online. Unlike the previous Bloc Jams project, Bloc Chat was created with minimal assistance as part of Bloc’s Software Development Track.


Though I had learned and applied many frontend concepts through the previous Bloc Jams project, I explained to my mentor how I doubted my ability because so much code was provided. He assured me not to worry because virtually no code would be provided for me during the Bloc Chat project. It was up to me to do all the work. My mentor was able check my progress via GitHub.


AngularJS has a bit of learning curve plus I had not yet been exposed to or used Firebase. I was in a position where I understood frontend well, but I had not yet originated code to solve user stories without instruction.


I was provided wire frames, user stories, and brief guidelines to create Bloc Chat using AngularJS and Firebase. It was up to me to create what was in the wire frames and solve the user stories to the best of my abilities. Writing code without the hand holding provided during the previous project allowed me to feel confident in my abilities as a frontend developer.


My skills and confidence as a frontend developer has increased thanks to this project. Understanding is one thing. Doing is another. I did a fair amount to complete this project and in doing so feel better in my abilities. I now know I can create a SPA from scratch using AngularJS.


Creating Bloc Chat added to my track record of coding success. Each time I create something new using new tools, in this case AngularJS and Firebase, I feel more confident as a developer. I prove to myself how well I can learn quickly and use new information to solve problems.