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I’ve wanted to make a video game and upload it to Google Play in order to learn Android App development as well as push my creative skills. After some research I decided to use the Construct engine which is based off JavaScript.

The game concept was inspired because It was the start of Lent at the time I began development. Lent is an annual religious period of 40 days for Christians. I thought it would be an interesting game concept for a player to overcome 40 virtual days of “baptism by fire” in order to gain strength to finally defeat the devil on day 40. Hence the name Devil Day 40.

The game can be completed in 7 minutes because I wanted the player to have a full game experience in a brief amount of time. It starts slow and quickly gains momentum until the player faces the devil at the end. Quite a roller coaster ride.

Take Aways

I learned a lot about Android App development as well as game development during the process. My main take away was how Big O applied without forgiveness to video games. One collision quickly multiplied depending on how many possible targets appeared in the game. This quickly ate up resources. While performance issues didn’t appear while developing on a desktop, they would appear in the comparatively limited resources available in current smartphones. Many lessons learned.